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Are you planning on having a new house constructed on your newly-purchased property? Or do you just need some help with the construction of some of the parts such as the siding or doors? Whatever the reason is, if you need construction help, book a complete construction service from professionals such as Taylored Construction and Remodeling. We handle construction work. Learn more about our services below.

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Our Services


As a construction company, we also specialize in remodeling your home. We can make major improvements as well as minor upgrades to the different parts of your home. Whatever you need, we can make it happen as long as it follows building codes.


We can make changes to the siding if you already have it installed in your home. But if you don't have siding yet, we can install siding panels on the exterior of your home. We'll secure them to the walls so they won't break off easily.


We can also install new windows in your home. We can replace damaged windows or change the windows if you prefer a different frame. We are trained for the task and we have the manpower to make the change a success.


Similarly, we can make major changes to the doors as well. We can install new doors, replace old ones, and repair damaged ones. You get to choose what type of door you want and we'll install them all the same.

Finish Works

Finish Works
For surfaces that can be applied a coating of finish, we will do so because we specialize in finish works. We'll evenly apply the finish on the surface, making sure that it is even throughout, from one corner to the next.
General Construction
We provide general construction services to our clients in the area. We make sure to use the appropriate tools for the task and we'll be incorporating building codes when handling construction work.

Expert residential building construction service by Taylored Construction and Remodeling in Stoughton, WI

The Need for Professional Help

Whether you need construction finish work or if you just want major changes to your entire home, you are going to need professional help for these tasks to happen. You need the expertise and the knowledge of building codes because if you don’t and you make big changes, you could end up compromising the stability of the building. You are also going to need the experience in case something comes up and you need to address the issue on the spot. Hire professionals like us because we are experts in the field and we have the experience for it.

The Process

Clients in Stoughton, WI can expect nothing but the best results from us because we follow a certain process for each task. As a general construction company, we make sure to perform each task properly and we do that by using tried and tested methods. We prepare the areas beforehand, including the floor and walls that could get affected during the process. We then proceed with each task, using the right tools and making conscious decisions when improving or upgrading the home.

The Areas We Serve

Stoughton, WI isn’t the only area that we provide our services to. We have also been providing our construction services to clients in the surrounding areas as well. Wherever you are from, as long as your area is included in the list below, you can expect quality results regardless.

  • Oregon Village, WI
  • McFarland Village, WI
  • Monona, WI
  • Cottage Grove Village, WI
  • Edgerton, WI

Taylored Construction and Remodeling provides the residential building construction services that you need. If you’re interested, get in touch as soon as you can.

Client’s Testimonial

I booked the construction service this company was offering because I did want to remodel my house but I just didn't know where to start. They were very helpful and made sure that I got the results I wanted.

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